Location of the Kalan school

The map below indicates the location of the current Kalan School, the new school Kalan II and the house for volunteers.

google-yellow – The Kalan school
google-green – The new school Kalan II to be built on an area of about 10 hectares
google-red – The house where volunteers stay, provided by Kémi Malaïka Foundation

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L'école en quelques chiffres

  • The school currently accommodates 220 students: 109 girls and 111 boys;
  • 11 nationalities are represented;
  • 3 school levels are offered: maternal/child, primary/elementary and secondary/college;
  • Limited number to a maximum of 25 students per class “unless circumstances warrant”;
  • Each class consists of a teacher, some classes might also have an assistant.

How to register for 2015-2016?


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