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Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome individuals or groups who wish to volunteer their time, expertise and energy to further activities undertaken by the Kemi Malaika Foundation in Senegal or Switzerland.

Volunteering in Senegal: how does it work?

The volunteers are accommodated in the volunteer’s house (the volunteers share this house with local employees of FKM). We ask volunteers to make a contribution towards food and accommodation of €30 per day, that’s €750 per month.

  • Transport to and from Dakar airport
  • Bottled drinking water for your entire stay
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided every day
  • A bedroom for one or two people with an ensuite bathroom
  • Daily transport to and from Kalan School
  • A visit to Thiès or Dakar
  • A tour of our projects and activities in the local area
  • WiFi access at the Kalan School and at the volunteer’s house

Typical volunteers schedule


  • 8:00am-1:00pm: Primary and secondary student teaching hours, primary finishes at 1:00pm
  • 1:00pm-2:00pm: Lunch
  • 2:00pm-4:30pm: Secondary student teaching hours

Weekends: Free time

In Senegal  we’re looking for…
We welcome you to volunteer your time and expertise to the Kemi Malaika foundation in Senegal. In particular we are seeking volunteers to fulfill the following roles, and feel free to get in touch if there are other ways you’d like to help.

Teaching and teaching assistants

You have a minimum of five years teaching experience at primary or secondary level, communicate fluently in French, are responsible, proactive and organized. You are willing to teach at Kalan school your specialist subject such as Science, Maths, French, English or PE and are prepared to train teachers in Senegal.

You also have a teaching/education degree or equivalent.

Administration professionals

Conscientious and organized, you prepared to share your skills and expertise the administration team at Kalan school. Tasks will include assisting in pupil admissions, creating reports in excel, writing letters, organizing paperwork and creating reports in excel.

You have a minimum of two years expertise in administration, a qualification in administration and be fluent in French.


The Kalan School has a computer room thanks to several donations. The computing fascinates you and you want to teach your knowledge. You master the Office programs; you are ready to organize training courses in computing for our teachers and our pupils.


You wish to contribute to the creation of our health center of health in Senegal, you are ready to prepare programs of dental hygiene, the view or check-up of the health of the children and the teachers of our Kalan School.


You participate in the project of creation of a school, a sports center, a community space and a health center of health. You are autonomous and creative; you like the challenges and are ready to share your job in Senegal.


Landscape painter or gardener, you participate in the community creation of our spaces, you are ready to bring and to share your knowledge in the field of the environment. You are creative and wish to create a garden in a country or the weather conditions of big heat all year long represent for you a challenge.

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Volunteer opportunities in Switzerland
We welcome you to volunteer your time and expertise to the Kemi Malaika foundation in Switzerland. In particular we are seeking volunteers to fulfill the following roles and feel free to get in touch if there are other ways you’d like to help.

Graphic designer

You have skills in graphics and design (e.g. Photoshop, illustrator, etc.) and would like to use your expertise to enhance FKM communications such as brochures, flyers, newsletters and annual reports.

Marketing & social media communication professional

You communicate around FKM and around this project in particular via the animation of the social networks (community management), advice regarding marketing strategy, the writing of contents to promote the Foundation and its activities.


You are in charge of various projects of construction and renovation going of small transformations to more important projects located in Senegal. Our current project is the construction of a new school on a ground of 10 hours. The school contains classrooms, sports center, community space and a health center.

Host family

To perfect their training, the teachers of our school in Senegal come twice a year to do continuous training courses abroad. Internships are organized in Swiss schools and more particularly in city of Montreux.


We look for host families ready of welcoming our teachers during all the duration of the internship (in principle one month) or at least two weeks. Some teacher will be travelling for the first time and it is important that they feel safe. It is preferable for us to find them a unique welcoming home for the duration of their stay.


Beyond the aspect of training, it is a very enriching experience for the host family and the Senegalese teacher: the discovery of a culture and a lifestyle for the family and the feeling of being welcome for the teacher.

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Ways to support us




FKM-association acte

Annual mission of the association ACTES within the Kalan school

share your time and your experience with children from the school

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