Welcome to the new school year 2015-2016

The Kalan school is a secular private school with a proportion of fee paying students and school places are funded by the Kemi Malaika Foundation for underprivileged children. It is a multicultural school where local children mix, learn and grow with foreign children from across the world.

We are happy to announce the opening of our middle school this year.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors the Kemi Malaika Foundation has managed to open its 11th class this academic class to enable children aged 12 and 13 to continue their education at the Kalan School.

Our main goal is to move the whole school to the plot owned by Kemi Malaika foundation to save money by not renting any more.

Unfortunately all the infrastructure previously built will have to remain on the rented plots.

Indeed, it’s vital that we build the new school as soon as we can.

Plans for moving to the new school

  • 1st phase: Move the classes from middle School and high School to the 10 acres plot owned by the foundation (four classes)
  • 2nd phase: Move the classes from first school to the same plot (four classes)
  • 3rd phase: Move all the classes from the rented facilities to the 10 acres plot

We need you!

The Kemi Malaika foundation has begun fundraising for the new school Kalan II. This new school is essential because it will enable us to carry our duty to our students and assist them until the end of their education.

This is why we need you, please help us by making a donation, by sending a child to school or even both.

History of the Kalan school

The Kalan School opened in September 2009 on the west coast of the country, south of Dakar on the “Petite Côte ” along the Atlantic Ocean.


Teaching staff are hired based on their educational background, experience and passion for teaching. A lot of teacher training takes place at Kalan school and some takes place in Europe to maintain a high level of professional teaching development.


The school accommodates 202 students, opening of a new year 8 class

From 2011 to 2015

The school accommodates 225 students from nursery to year 7. Since its opening Kalan has been building a new class every year.


Kalan accommodates 175 students from nursery to year 3, one class of distant learning was closed.


Kalan accommodates 125 students from nursery to year 2, one class of distant learning.

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The philosophy of Kalan school

Kalan’s first aim is to bring fresh vision to teaching by offering a bicultural and multidisciplinary curriculum; it is based on both the Senegalese and French curriculums.

Offer a tailored curriculum

The curriculum taught in Kalan abides to the French& Senegalese national curriculums. Our aim is to take the best of what is done in order to teach a curriculum that brings our philosophy into reality.

Engage children from all backgrounds

Kalan is open to all children without discrimination due to gender, ethnic origin, language, or religion.

Welcome children from the local area and expats'

Kalan’s core values are based on various cultural heritages to teach children respect, friendship and responsibility.

Be independent

Kalan is an humanitarian entity who is trying to remain independent, funding is provided only from private financing with no ties to any government or religious organisations

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Ways to support us




L'école en quelques chiffres

  • The school currently accommodates 220 students: 109 girls and 111 boys;
  • 11 nationalities are represented;
  • 3 school levels are offered: maternal/child, primary/elementary and secondary/college;
  • Limited number to a maximum of 25 students per class “unless circumstances warrant”;
  • Each class consists of a teacher, some classes might also have an assistant.

How to register for 2015-2016?


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