Objectives & history

  • Offer full educational scholarship opportunities at a school in Senegal to as many children as possible
  • Promote the economic independence of young people in Senegal through education and employment
  • Uphold children’s rights, protection and positive values that promote their development by establishing appropriate structures and engaging professionals qualified to provide comprehensive guidance to implement this
  • Create awareness among parents about the importance of educating young girls
  • Promote the role of women as essential drivers of development through education
  • Inform and raise awareness among children and young people in Senegal about health issues and how to maintain good hygiene in their environment
  • Promote a positive image between Western countries and less developed countries

History of FKM


Opening of Kémi Malaïka Foundation in the UK.

Kalan school has 250 students.


The Kemi Malaika Foundation Association is transformed into the Kemi Malaika Foundation in Switzerland by Costa Bonato, and all activities and properties are transferred to the Foundation.

The current school property is rented and to reduce running costs FKM needs to build a new school. Costa Bonato transfers 10 hectares of land to the Kemi Malaika Foundation for the construction of a new school, Kalan II, to educate 900 students at a lower cost.


Johan Djourou and Bacary Sagna, professional football players, join the Foundation as Ambassadors.

Opening of the Kalan School in Ngaparou (Somone) welcoming 80 pupils at first.


Creation of a local office for Kémi-Malaïka Foundation in Senegal.

Mamadou Mansour SECK – Senegalese general officer having performed the functions of Chief of staff General of the Armies (CEMGA) of the Republic of Senegal and former ambassador of Senegal in Washington in the United States – joins Kémi-Malaïka as permanent Ambassador.

Lamine Mouhamadou GAYE joins Kémi-Malaïka as Ambassador of honor.

Modou MBENGUE, current Mayor of Ngaparou, joins Kémi-Malaïka as Ambassador of honor.


Creation of the Association Kémi-Malaïka by Costa Bonato and the beginning of the operations in Senegal, a country chosen for its remarkable political and social stability since its independence in 1960.

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