The Kémi-Malaïka Fondation
A state-approved non-profit organization by the Swiss Confederacy and a registered charity in the UK

Established in 2010 by Costa Bonato, The Kémi-Malaïka Foundation aims at promoting the education and the equality for all the children – the School for all – without distinction of sex, ethnicity, religion, faith or social origin.

HAMHAM AK YAR (learn and be educated)
Such is the essence of our philosophy.

Guarantors of the future, the young people remain the major actors of the development in Senegal. We want to change things in the country by involving us all more.

By investing in the education, we take the insurance that the children will be responsible citizens, active and committed in their generation.

Our philosophy
We believe children are the future and the guarantors of a country. By choosing education as a pillar of our efforts and investments, we want to give children the chance to become active in fulfilling their potential for themselves and their generation.

  • African society
    We will set up educational programs and schools based on the local needs, taking into account their needs for living and working in Senegal and engaging with others at a global level.
  • Family
    We will engage a child’s parents and care givers as much as possible in the child’s education as we understand this support is essential for maximising the chances of children completing their education.
  • Health and environment
    We will encourage children through talks and debates to be aware of the importance of looking after their health and the environment that surrounds them.

We believe this philosophy is the key to ensure children and their families flourishes, that their personal and professional development towards a better future is assured.

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